Torrens Island - A public meeting at Parliament House

TitleTorrens Island - A public meeting at Parliament House
Publication TypeAudiovisual
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsWinkler A
KeywordsQuarantine Station, Torrens Island

An audio recording (1h 25min, 39Mb) of a public meeting on the proposed industrialisation of the Torrens Island Public Purpose Quarantine Station zone. The meeting was hosted by Ann Bressington (Independent MLA) in the Balcony Room at Parliament House on 6 July 2010.
Speakers were Aaron Machado (Australian Marine Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Organisation), Annie Bond (Nature Conservation Society), David Beaumont ( National Trust of South Australia), Paul Leadbeter(University of Adelaide) and Mark Parnell(Greens MLA).
Audio quality is poor in places.